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Tingtian Industrial Zone Ruian Zhejiang, China
About Keer


Zhejiang Keer Pump Stock CO., Ltd.
Year Established: 1971
Chairman & General manager: Mr. Li Zuojun
Registered Asset: RMB 50,058,000
Staff: 230
Factory Area: 18500 M2
Construction area: 12500 M2
Main products: Wide application in high-pressure water injection, gathering and transferring of oilfields, coal chemical industry, delayed coking, pressure-reducing, hydrogen refining, hydrogen cracking, catalytic cracking, continuous catalytic reforming, and polypropylene devices of refinery, boiler feed for heat and power plant, high-pressure descaling for steel enterprise, and high-pressure pumping for seawater desalting.
Main inspection equipments:

  • 4000KW pump testing center
  • Magnetic powder inspection, X-ray inspection, Penetration inspection and Ultrasonic inspection equipment
  • Material analysis equipment, includes spectral analysis and chemical analysis, and other mechanical character analysis equipment
  • Dynamic balance testing equipment of rotor with the speed up to 6000 rpm.

Certificate: API Q1, ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; OHSAS18001:2007

                      TRADE: 86-577-65506606      TEL: 86-577-65506606 / 4008-166-099      FAX: 86-577-65502988     P.C: 325206
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