DQ. TDQ. TDQG High Pressure Coke Cleaning Pump
KKDY. KKY Series of Horizontal, Axially Split, Multistage Centrifugal Oil Pump
DG Series of Water Feed Pump for Boliler
TPY Full-lined Slurry Pump
TDJ. DJ Hydrogenation Feed Pump
DF. KGF Series of multistage Centrifugal Water Injection Pump
PAC. PAF Series of Petrochemical Process Pump
ZDY Type Self-balance Multistage Centrifugal Oil Transport Pump
AYU. AYUP Series of Single and Double Stages Centrifugal Oil Pump
DH.DHP Series of Petrochemical Process Pump
DY Series of Multistage Centrifugal Pump
3ZZ Series of Reciprocating High Pressure pump
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Tingtian Industrial Zone Ruian Zhejiang, China
DQ. TDQ. TDQG High Pressure Coke Cleaning Pump

DQ. TDQ. TDQG High Pressure Coke Cleaning Pump
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    This type pumps are double casing (or single casing), guide vanes type multistage centrifugal pump; inner casing is radial split, cartridge, centerline supported.
    Delayed coking devices of annual 400ˇ«1600 thousand tons to remove coke by water power in oil refinery.
    The medium for this type pumps is sewage containing coke particles
    Medium temperature:50ˇ«60ˇć
    Capacity Q: 155ˇ«300
    Head H: 1500ˇ«3100m
    Speed n: 2980ˇ«4000r/min
    Necessary motors power range: 1600ˇ«4000KW
    Manufacture standard: API610 and its related standards Q/KERB024-2006
    Characteristic illustration
    1ˇ˘Ripe technique, a batch production.
    2ˇ˘Each technical economic guide lines are advanced.
    3ˇ˘Smooth operation, slight vibration, low noise, long service life.
    4ˇ˘Long interval for heavy reparation, being repaired quickly and expediently.
    5ˇ˘Belong to the heavy series products of standard API 610.
    6ˇ˘Also can be used in similar conditions-high pressure, medium containing particles (for example, high pressure phosphorus removal in metallurgy, water injection on the sea platform).
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