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KEER PUMP products and Solutions are designed to provide our customers with a rewarding ownership experience. This section provides you with valuable resources to assist you in the use of your pump product.

Technical Support
Strong demand for products is the fundamental users. KEER product life, energy, sealing effect, the appearance of quality, convenient installation maintenance and other indicators, ranking the leading position both domestically. The products of different functional areas of ability to adapt to the expansion of large particles transportation, tele-transmission capacity rising .
The Support Assistant with in the technical support site, will ask you a few simple questions, and direct you towards a solution to your particular issue.

If your enquiry is still not answered you can also submit a question directly to the technical support team, by clicking on Submit a Question and filling out your enquiry.

Authorised Repair Facilites

Authorised Repair Facilites
Click Here to refer to the authorised repair facility near you.

This area of the site gives you the opportunity to download or order a copy of our product brochures.


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