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Tingtian Industrial Zone Ruian Zhejiang, China

Strong demand for products is the fundamental users. My company's product life, energy, sealing effect, the appearance of quality, convenient installation maintenance and other indicators, ranking the leading position both domestically. The products of different functional areas of ability to adapt to the expansion of large particles transportation, tele-transmission capacity rising.

Over the years, the company will improve the entire process of quality assurance system, to strengthen quality control, quality assurance and quality control to ensure that the quality standard brand-name products. Started in 1995 ISO9001 Standards work, and 97 through a technical inspection Watson Ltd., the United States FMRC the ISO9001 quality system certification and the China Classification Society of Marine pump product type certification. Hebei enterprises have won the "Quality Management Award" enterprises, the state two units of measurement, Hebei's "customer satisfaction products" enterprise, Hebei "products inspection," the title of enterprises. Meanwhile, the company's production slurry pump, sewage pumps and submersible pumps been successively Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction, State Administration of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of the apparatuses as the preferred energy-efficient products and recommend products priority
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